The Whole World Outdoors

Tandem paragliding, canyoning, fixed-rope climbing, mountain biking, stand-up paddling.
For individuals, families, groups or companies.

Tandem paragliding: the dream of flying brought to life. Can be an easy glide, steep curves or rising high on thermal currents.
Canyoning in crystal clear waters in the northern Alps, Pyrenees, Italy, Slovenia or France.
Fixed rope climbing – the vertical challenge. From easy to challenging in the northern Alps, or you can retrace along Worldwar 2nd mountain routes in the Dolomites.
Mountain-biking worldwide: Single trails or gourmet hut tours. Around and over the mountains, Bike travels Georgian Republic Caucasus, around the Pamir with a view on this worlds highest mountains, in the canadian wilderness, etc.
Stand Up Paddling: Finnish and Polish Lake Districts, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the Canal du Midi, on the lakes of the northern alps, etc.

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