Slow Living

Slow Living is a process and means wellness to your soul.
With us you can experience nature and come to your personal #SlowDown. For individuals, families, groups and companies.
Enjoyable hikes, yoga inside and outside, instructions on body awareness and relaxation, drawing and painting and creative forming, forest bathing … We offer many opportunities to decelerate. The first aims are: Your recovery, your personal well-being, to raise your #worklifebalance.
Our extensive offer consists of one-day and multi-day workshops, seminars, small units for in between, and is prepared for individuals, families, friends and companies.

Experience nature is the basis of all our offers to slow living. Where better to relax than outside, with gentle movement and creative activity, with the scent of the forest? Nature works: through an intensive contact with nature, we sense more and escape our suck of thoughts.
Together with that, we combine targeted exercises and instructions that invite you to pause. Depending on the orientation and your wishes, we focus on: relaxation, your own body awareness, your creativity and artistic skills, on the creation of very specific goals in the team…

What is your wish of slow living?
Are you interested in simply letting your mind wander in a beautiful natural setting? To get a distance to everyday life? Spending time with yourself and your loved ones? Then you are on the right place with us.

With us you can:

  • Develop mindfulness for your own body while walking barefoot, doing yoga, hiking, forest bathing
  • Direct your thoughts positively through meditation and mental training
  • Get your breathing to conscious and detoxifying
  • Learn how to draw and paint
  • Uncover your creativity by artistic processes, release your self-expression outdoors and indoors
  • Go on a common path with your group and reach the goal together
  • sustainably increase your zest for life
  • simply decelerate
  • Spend quality time with yourself and with your loved ones…

Your deceleration coaches
Mag. Barbara Weitzenböck is a qualified creativity trainer, art therapist and art pedagogue, yoga teacher, mountain hiking guide. She specializes in gentle nature experiences with surplus.
Günter Burgsteiner is a licensed UIAGM mountain and ski guide, personal coach and specializes in extraordinary outdoor adventures.

Take time for yourself! By decelerating, you can enjoy a centred approach to enjoying life.
Choose from our offers below or let us prepare an individual offer for you, your family and friends, your company.

Our tip:
With Personal Coaching, we deal with your personal goals and develop a healthy training for you.
With team building, you design with your group a common path towards the common target under specific guidance.