Be out there in open terrain whith ski touring and freeriding through the world record holder and Mountain Guide Günter Burgsteiner.
Crossing entire mountain ranges, ice fields and glaciers by Skitour Freeride Worldwide.
For individuals, families, friends and companies.
Untracked flanks and enchanted winter landscapes through skitouring and freeride activities. Moving off the slopes on skis or snowboard has many names. Depending on personal preference, we call it powder skiing, deep snow skiing, shredding, skiing variants, skiing off-piste in the open-air ski room, powder snow skiing … All terms apply to this first-class nature experience: gliding playfully over white, fluffy snow slopes beyond the crowds.

Undertaking a Skitour Freeride Worldwide tour, you will experience skiing and snowboarding in its original quality. As soon as we leave the groomed paths, you immerse yourself in the peculiar tranquility of the untouched winter landscape. Deceleration and happiness will overcome naturally.
With the right choice of terrain, there are skitouring, freeride and splitboard activities for all abilities and fitness levels, from beginners to advanced skiers.

If you prefere more advanced variants of ski touring, you can do so on multi-day ski touring with sleeping in the winter rooms of the huts (Alps), or bivouacs (Carpathians, Caucasus etc.), or in your own tent. With us, you can cross entire mountain ranges on skis, or go on an icefield expedition. There are many options worldwide.

The difference between ski touring and freeriding?
Both activities imply descents on skis or snowboard in open terrain, means off-piste. When freeriding, you first use the ski lifts in order to make most of the vertical meters without physical efforts. After that, depending on the terrain, you walk a few meters with shouldered skis to get away from the groomed slopes. Like this you easily reach the starting point of your descents in open terrain. Freeriding can be done with conventional ski and snowboard equipment.
While skitouring / on a splitboard tour, you walk up the mountain yourself. The special ski touring or splitboard equipment – climbing skins and a flexible binding – makes it possible to climb from any starting point to any summit. Then comes the wonderful descent in deep snow. The combination of tranquility, untouched mountains and physical activity is a long lasting impression.

Fot the ability to read snow in all its diversity, one needs a lot of experience and profounded training. Your UIAGM Mountain Guide Günter Burgsteiner has it both, and also snow is his personal passion. He has been dealing with this exciting element throughout his life in different regions. Skitouring Freeride activities involve certain risks, which can be reduced to a minimum with professional guidance from a mountain and ski guide. Learn more about that in Günter’s blog post …

You will experience skitouring freeride with the world record holder Günter Burgsteiner as a one-day or multi-day tour in the entire Alps, in a week or more in Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, and wherever there is snow right now.

Join our Snow and Avalanche Camp to find out everything about the fascinating element of snow.
Ski touring is also ideal for healthy endurance and high altitude training.
Contact us, we will be happy to inform you about current snow conditions and possible ski touring freeride activities.

Do you want to experience the real winter wonderland? We make your deep snow experience safe – as a Tour Operator in the organization and as a Mountain Guide on site.