The Vertical Challenge in summer and winter.
Rock and Ice Climbing and Via Ferrata for individuals, families, friends and companies.
These related types of movement in Rock Ice Climbing Via Ferrata have two things in common: the physical as well as the mental challenge.
In summer the rock offers in its diversity endless opportunities for occupation. Beginners as well as experienced climbers can discover the vertical challenge in a playful way. In winter, frozen waterfalls and ice walls create cool vertical terrains that can be taken the help of ice ax and crampons.
Rope, partnership and the right choice of the route are always the safeguards for a successful Rock Cllimbing Via Ferrata Ice Climbing Tour.

Sport climbing in the exercise crag outside on natural rock, or the artificial grips in the climbing hall – both are perfect for beginners and for training. You can start easily and continuously increase the level of difficulty. Both physical exertion and getting used to the altitude are very manageable. First you are focused on climbing up, then comes the fun of abseiling.
Sport climbing only works in a partnership of two people, one secures the other with the help of rope, harness, carabiners, etc.

Alpine climbing on real rock in real mountains is the supreme discipline in climbing. The combination of an impressive mountain panorama, airy heights and a rewarding summit experience is simply great. Alpine climbing fascinates both beginners and advanced climbers. Depending on your previous knowledge, your mountain guide Günter Burgsteiner will choose the appropriate climbing tour in the right region. The (mostly short) ascent to the alpine climbing route as well as the descent are via a hiking trail.
For an alpine climbing tour, at least 2 people are required to secure each other, or you climb in a rope team of several people.

Via Ferrata
Steel cables are permanently installed along a Via Ferrata route. Every Via Ferrata climber is responsible for his/her own safety under the instruction of the mountain guide. Via Ferratas are set in a wide range of variants and levels of difficulty. The character of a Via Ferrata is always different depending on the region and mountain range. Whether you want to try or for advanced climbers, your mountain guide Günter Burgsteiner will guide you through the appropriate Via Ferrata route and teach you about climbing and safety techniques.

Ice climbing
Naturally formed icefalls and ice walls give you the opportunity to climb at your own pace and rhythm. Ice climbing depends a lot on the quality of the ice. The region, the weather and the development of the entire season are decisive for the safety of Ice Climbing.
Mountain Guide Günter Burgsteiner offers Ice Climbing courses for beginners and advanced climbers and Ice Climbing Tours worldwide. With their unique wilderness, Scandinavia and Canada in particular are predestined for combined trips, Ice Climbing, Ski Touring, Snow Kite and Expeditions.

One-day climbing tours in the Alpine region, multi-day tours and courses in different regions of Europe, trips to all mountain ranges in the world. Climbing Via Ferrata Ice Climbing brings a wide range of opportunities for all levels around the globe. Children love climbing as a particularly playful form of movement. The time in the mountains, including hikes, stay in a hut and the associated reduction, becomes an overall experience for the whole family. Whether you are a beginner, advanced climber or a crack, it is always about choosing the appropriate route.

We show you the most beautiful alpine climbing routes, safety and climbing techniques, great Via Ferrata tours in the entire alpine region and worldwide.