Paragliding Trips

Guided Paragliding Trips to selected flying sites away from the mainstream.
Would you like to have your paragliding trip tailor-made for you or your group? Do you want to combine your passion for paragliding with traveling and discover new flying areas with likeminded people?
Then you are in good hands with us! We provide a unique travel program especially for paragliding pilots.

Fix dated Paragliding trips:
Argentina (Barbara’s second home), New Year in Southern Spain, Romania, Portugal
Special Paragliding Tours on individual dates on request:
Madagascar, La Réunion, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, the entire Alpine region, Morocco, India, Nepal.
You can choose the exact date, taking into mind the best travel time/flying season.

Do you want to make the most out of your paragliding trip to the Alps?
We know our country like the back of our hand! Paragliding in the Alps is NOT tricky – as long as you know the rules. While it is bright in the north, it doesn´t always mean flyable weather; if it doesn´t fly in the west, it does not mean that there is no flying in the east… and so on.
With our Paragliding Tours across Austria, Northern Italy and Slovenia, we offer all our knowledge about weather conditions and sites. You will enjoy the huge diversity of paragliding spots, marvellous panoramic flights, best thermic conditions for many hours of flying. Tailor made paraglider´s trips for yourself and your friends.

Other parts of our program:
Mental training for paraglider pilots (how to convert nervousness into concentration and much more)
Guided HIKE & FLY tours

Your benefits while travelling with us:

  • As a Tour Operator, our multi-day trips are covered by the Package Travel Act
  • Your personal travel insurance is included in our travel packages
  • With our diverse licences as UIAGM Mountain Guides and in most outdoor disciplines, we personally guide all activities onsite
  • Our experience in more then 80 countries as a Tour Operator

Play safe with us on your paragliding trip – we are tour operator for the organization, flyguides, pilots and mountain guides for the implementation.