Mountaineering Expeditions

Mountaineering Expeditions with the safety through your mountain guide.
Bringing mountains to life around the world is our specialty. One-day mountain tours, multi-day alpine tours, crossings, ski mountaineering, alpine experiences for individuals, families, friends and companies.

Fresh air, panoramic views, happiness on the summit. Along steep flanks, in the lower hills or stony peaks – each mountain is unique, gives views and insights, demands and fascinates at the same time.
Would you like to climb a special peak on your next mountain tour, move on unknown paths, grow with new techniques? Mountaineering Expeditions is diverse.

We specialize in individual mountain tours and pick up our customers from where they are. It can happen that your current state – physically, mentally, technically – is not yet compatible with your particular mountain of wish. Than we offer you the opportunity to prepare your personal stepping technique, crampon walking, climbing technique, routine, fitness, etc. with suitable mountain tours.
We would be happy to prepare you for expeditions and carry them out with you. You benefit from our expedition experience in the Himalayas, the Andes of North and South America and the Caucasus, from our language skills and contacts on site.

Bergsteigen Expedition 4000er

Versatile Alps
Endless possibilities in the Alps: through the Totes Gebirge, mountain tours in the impressive Zillertal Alps, around the Großglockner, the impressive backdrop of the South Tyrolean mountains, alpine climbing tours in the Dolomites, the Monte Rosa group, the Valais Alps. Numerous 3.000 and 4.000 meters high mountains in 7 countries of the Alps, in the center of Europe are waiting for you!

Scandinavia, Iceland, the Pyrenees and the Carpathian Mountains open up diverse mountain tours.

The longest mountain range in the world
Rock climbing and hut trekking in Patagonia; 6.000 meter high volcanoes on the border between Chile and Argentina; Snow, sand and colorful landscapes in Peru, and the highest peaks of the American continent on offer in the longest mountain range in the world: the Andes.

The coldest peaks in the world
Canada and Alaska’s Rocky Mountains, up to 6.000 meters.

The highest mountains in the world
Sacred mountains on the roof of the world up to 8.000 meters, and innumerable trekking opportunities between 3.000 and 7.000 meters in the Himalayas – in India and Nepal we will take you off the beaten track to your individual destination.
Discover lonely peaks, adventure and warmth in the Caucasus and in the Stan countries.

Mountaineering with a mountain guide
In the mountains, success and failure are often close together. Personal and customized guiding is essential for your sense of achievement on the mountain. Your mountain and ski guide Günter Burgsteiner is your guide to your very own experience of mountains and nature. Working as a licensed IVBV / UIAGM mountain guide means freedom and great responsibility at the same time.
When mountaineering with guests, safety is the top priority of all activities and on all mountains in the world. Safety also means, among other things, being in the right place at the right time. Being safe is a process, not a state!
Why does it make sense to engage a certified mountain guide for your mountain tour? Learn more …

Have you already spotted your mountain destination? With numerous one-day and multi-day tours and mountaineering trips around the world, we will make your mountain experience safe – organizing as a tour operator and implementing as a mountain guide.

Where does this versatility come from?
Born in Styria, Günter always had Austria´s highest mountains with the Grossglockner in sight. At the age of 3 he stood on his first mountain peak, at 10 he did his first rock climbing tour in the Gesäuse. The innumerable mountain tours in the Alps led to a lifelong passion for mountains and nature around the world, nourished by mountaineering and expeditions in many mountain ranges worldwide. This passion was soon paired with excellent training in all mountain sports disciplines. All together – experience, profound training, flexibility – provides the essencial basis for safe mountain and ski tours all around the world.

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