Argentinian adventure

With the Gauchos through the Argentine Sierra: wine, tango and much more.
Recommended length: 2 to 3 weeks
Recommended travel time: November, December, March

Possible components:

  • By horse through the Sierra de Cordoba: on Gaucho paths over solitary plateaus
  • Winery and house cacti in Famatina
  • Gold rush in the Cordillera at 5.000 metres above sea level
  • Hacienda feeling
  • Asado: more authentic than anywhere else
  • Quad bike rides
  • Following the paths of Puma, Iguana and Condor through the Andes
  • The driest desert in the world
  • Volcano trekking and geysers
  • 2 days Buenos Aires: football, tango and world culture

Option: combination with Huttrekking Patagonia