Endurance High Altitude Personal Training

Personal coaching with actively accompanied training.
Endurance High Altitude Personal Training makes sense as soon as you have made a decision: to do something for your physical and mental health and hit your personal target.
How about your #worklifebalance? What is your personal goal that you want to achieve? For example, take part in a marathon run, live in balance in everyday life, climb a certain (high) mountain, or simply do healthy exercise regularily?
With our competent training support, you will achieve your goal in a healthy and fit manner.

Competent Training Support
Endurance High Altitude Personal Training is tailor made and based on a good cooperation. First we want to understand your wish, your target, your vision, and what restrains you from reaching it. After a detailed conversation, we will work out a tailor made, comprehensive, and above all healthy training plan for you.
Our training support runs over a longer period and is provided by world record holder Günter Burgsteiner or Barbara Weitzenböck, or both, depending on the goal.
You determine the intensity of our accompaniment. Joint training units make sense at regular (larger depending on where you live) intervals. Together with your training documentation, we can offer continuous monitoring, including the right adjustments.

Our coachings are very comprehensive, they work through diversity and the interaction of:

  • Personal meetings = joint exercise/training days (frequency as required)
  • Training schedule individually tailored to your needs
  • You exercise/train by yourself according to the schedule
  • Continuous monitoring of your documentation and adjustments regarding intensity, type of movement, progress, etc.

The joint training days consist of elements like economic movement in different types of sports, relaxation, mental strength, some theory regarding pulse orientation, different types of training, nutrition, target analysis, etc.
Depending on your preferences and goals, we use various types of outdoor exercises, such as: hiking, mountaineering, snowshoeing and ski touring, cycling, climbing/via ferrata, rowing, paddling, dancing, hula hoop, joungling, gymnastics (everything depends on your preferences) etc; and various types of outdoor and indoor exercises such as: coordination, muscle training, breathing techniques, yoga, etc.

Do you need exercise or relaxation?
Endurance High Altitude Personal Training can either be a sensible physical stamina training or fitness training, that leads to particular sporting goals such as a marathon run, bike race, a week of heliskiing, high altitude training for high altitude mountaineers, ski touring races.
Or, it can also be a healthy relaxation training that leads to more balance, a good physical and mental fitness and more fun in life.
Barbara Weitzenböck specializes in body work and mental strength. She brings the playful and relaxing aspect into training.
World record holder Günter Burgsteiner leads you to your desired shape with all his experience and his competent training support. He shows you his secret tricks as a competitive athlete and reveals how to achieve your individual goal.
In the end, you will love your weaker self, no joke!

Ausdauer Höhen Personal Training

Goal Oriented Training
We offer goal oriented and versatile training for people who want to move healthily, keep fit or prepare for a particular sporting goal. Depending on the target and personal requirements, this includes many details:

  • Build a healthy basic endurance
  • Mobilization of muscles, tendons and joints
  • Variation through different (sporting) disciplines
  • Analysis and ecomomy of the movement
  • Muscle training on different levels
  • Increase coordination
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Efficient breathing
  • Motivation, mental strength, target analysis
  • Understanding of sports theory
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Always keep the goal and your long-term health in focus!

Let your spirit live in a healthy body!
Planning and accompaniment of your individual training by world record holder (24h ski touring marathon) and personal trainer Günter Burgsteiner and/or Barbara Weitzenböck.
For individuals, families, friends and companies.

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